The Importance Of High Quality Images In Multifamily Properties

When someone is looking to move into a resort style apartment building, they want to see the highest quality still images and virtual tours that money can buy. Having high quality images is vital in today’s multifamily industry. There are so many choices and you only have a micro moment to capture that prospects attention when they finally find you on Google and Google Maps. Still photography is standard and virtual tours are a must.

Still Photography

We have seen a lot of companies that skimp when it comes to still photos. They skimp in the way that someone who works on the property will go around on their cell phone and take pictures of all the amenities and model rooms and post them throughout the internet. The quality is night and day between a cell phone and a DSLR camera. If multifamily companies are searching for the type of resident who is going to pay $1800 or more for a one bedroom apartment, doesn’t it make sense to hire a professional photographer with the expertise and keen eye to take the pictures properly? Also, after a remodel of any kind, new pictures should be taken and posted. This all might sound like common sense, but we see poor quality photography a lot on many Google Business Listings and other apartment rental sites.

High quality still imagery will attract the type of resident you are looking for and will keep your image looking sharp and polished. So

Lounge area at Madison Park Apartments

Lounge area at Madison Park Apartments

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are hands down the ultimate way to showcase your property. If they are attached to your Google Business Listing, the benefits are tremendous. Imagine you are looking for a new place to live in. You do your Google search and you find some properties that call out to you. You then start looking at their Google Business Listings and all of the photos that have been taken of the property. You then see a tab that says “360 view” and you click on it. The property just came to life!

You are now able to look all around the model rooms, gym, pool area, movie theater and club house. You go in all directions, up, down and all around. You can turn in a full 360 degree circle. You begin to imagine yourself not only being there, but living there. You see where you are going to put your couch, bed, dresser and everything else. You imagine swimming in the pool on a hot summer day while drinking an umbrella drink on the lounge and working out at the state of the art gym. You have become emotionally involved , you are home!

This is the power of virtual reality.

So, don’t skimp on professional photography, weather it be still photos or a Google Virtual Tour. Hire a professional that will help your property stick out among the clutter and become 100% occupied.

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